Anna Vogelzang Gets “Lifted Away” With This Fave Song You’ve Never Heard

The singer/songwriter summons this underground Joseph track



Singer/songwriter Anna Vogelzang — who’s new album, Hiker, comes out May 6 — tells BlastEcho her favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Lifted Away” by Joseph

I’ve always been a sucker for family harmonies, and when I met these ladies at South by Southwest last year I couldn’t get their songs out of my head for the rest of the festival. Last week, I skipped over to Milwaukee to hear them do their set with a new full band, which was gorgeous and made me so stoked for their new record. Same deal as last year — I’ve been waking up with their songs rattling around my head every day since that show.

I love the extremes in this song. The sparse, beautiful opening, “when does it end, when do the knots loosen?” against the victorious, “I don’t need to worry” round that builds up at the end. The vocals are so driving and unrelenting right until the space opens back up to the verse melody and quiet humming. There’s something about it that just gets me every time. Not to mention that it’s also a good mantra to carry around in your back pocket.

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