Between Band Break Ups and Reunions: How Long Does It Take?

Typically the earlier the band forms the longer it takes for them to get back together



Pretty much every band reunites — eventually. And we’re not talking one-off reunions at some benefit concert or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. And we’re also not talking about bands that are merely bringing back former members (see: Guns n’ Roses) or got together one afternoon to record a new shitty song for an unnecessary “best-of” record. No, we’re talking only about bands that reunited for a substantial tour and we’re only talking about the first time they did it (otherwise we’d be here all fuckin’ day). For the purposes of this chart, too, this includes bands who went on “hiatus” (whatever the fuck that means), because we hate fuckin’ semantics.

This is, by no means, all the major bands who’ve reunited over the past several decades, but it’s a start. The big revelation is that, in general, the earlier the band formed, the longer it took for them to reunite. Kudos for Cream for going  yard in that respect.

Ok, enough of our yapping, let’s have a look:

Band Break-ups

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