Brett Wiscons Wants You to “Stay” and Listen to This Jonasay Song

The singer/songwriter reveals his favorite song you've never heard



Singer/songwriter Brett Wiscons tells BlastEcho his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Stay” by Jonasay

I had the pleasure of seeing Jonasay open for my favorite band Hootie & the Blowfish on two separate occasions in the early 2000s. I was immediately impressed by their songs. They were a mix of everything I loved about music — strong vocals and harmonies, great lyrics, and excellent musicianship. They reminded me of Gin Blossoms and also had a Hootie vibe. I was a fan of this East Coast gang.

Their 2002 album Spare Dimes for Dust is still in rotation at my house and on my iPod. “Stay” is the opening track to a stellar 11-song set. It kicks off the record in righteous fashion — the harmonies are on point and a fantastic guitar riff is featured in this tightly constructed, three-minute pop gem.

They were one of those bands who seemingly were poised for a big break, but for whatever reason, it didn’t materialize. It’s a shame because, in my mind, they deserved a wider audience. Maybe they’ll get one now.

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