Christian Lopez Band’s Namesake Feels the Bern

His favorite song you've never heard takes him to a place of "optimism and hope"

christian lopez


Christian Lopez tells BlastEcho about his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“New American Language” by Dan Bern

There’s something special about three chords, a good mood, and smart lyrics. Though this song has been around for 15 years, I’ve just been introduced to Dan Bern and I wish it had been sooner. “New American Language” makes me feel as if I’m on a ’90s road trip to somewhere new. A place of optimism and hope. Sometimes when I’m feeling the push and tug of the world, I try and remember that I’m just one guy taking it day-by-day doing my best to stay grounded, and more importantly: positive. This song reminds me of that. I also just have a thing for ’90s-sounding snare drums.

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