Dressed Like a Modern Day Cowboy, Tesla’s Frank Hannon Plays Rockers’ Block

See and hear how the metal shredder fared in this BlastEcho challenge



Some music artists have released literally hundreds of songs over the years, to say nothing of the ones deemed too garbage-y to release. BlastEcho wondered if those involved in recording so many songs could remember them all. Enter Rockers’ Block.

For each Rockers’ Block contestant, we play five random songs from their catalog (well, for this one we did seven) each song from the beginning, to see how long it takes for them to guess (well, maybe guess isn’t the right word) the correct song. Then once they do (hopefully), they talk a bit about the song.

If you remember when Tesla released their debut album, Mechanical Resonance, then, well, you’re old. That album — which featured the pop-metal masterpiece, “Modern Day Cowboy” — landed in stores (ones with doors and shelves and everything) 30 years ago this year. We took that one off the table for this episode of Rockers’ Block because it was home to too many Tesla classics, many of which they still perform live today.

Even without Mechanical Resonance songs on the menu, guitarist Frank Hannon killed it. He wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty damn impressive.

See and hear for yourself!

P.S. The full songs are below, if you think you can guess faster than Hannon did…

Song #1:

Song #2:

Song #3:

Song #4:

Song #5:

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