Ever Heard of Patto? Well, Let The Main Squeeze’s Max Newman Fill You In

The Chicago guitarist goes ultra-obscure for his favorite song you've never heard



Max Newman, of the funk-soul rockers The Main Squeeze, tells BlastEcho his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Hold Your Fire” by Patto

Patto was a band that I always thought should have been bigger. They had a lot going for them; good songs, great vocals and lyrics, tight rhythm section, and a true guitar hero in Ollie Halsall, who also played piano and vibraphone on their albums. They came on the scene in the U.K. in 1970, so right there with the Zeppelins and Stones of the world, but I’ve never heard these guys on classic rock radio and most people haven’t heard of them at all. Like most of my early musical ventures, I became hip to Patto from my dad, who absolutely raved about the guitar player and band.

The song “Hold Your Fire” is the title track of the first record that was played for me, and the first time I heard it I was blown away. Kind of a mini version of the reaction I had to “Good Times Bad Times.” Extremely cool song with good melody and a tight beat, and the intro has a little Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young feel. The guitar playing throughout is hot and classic Ollie; fast yet fluid, original yet familiar. This man ended up being one of my major hidden gems when it comes to guitar influences.

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