Exclusive: Dearling Find Beauty in “Champion”

Hear the world premiere from the couple's forthcoming EP, "Silver and Gold"



This month, Colorado duo/couple Dave Preston and Rachel James will release their sophomore effort, Silver and Gold, under their moniker Dearling. BlastEcho was afforded the unique opportunity to preview the beautiful new tune “Champion” from the EP, which is due out February 22.

We also got the opportunity to grill James and Preston a bit about the new song:

What is the story behind this song?  Was there something specific that inspired you to write it?

James: In a relationship, we need to be champions for each other. We all have a past, and that past comes with us into our current situations. Having someone who can face your past and future with you is such a human need and desire. I wanted to write about a relationship willing to face challenges together. I have some pretty heavy baggage in my past and I think this is exactly what I would want to hear.

How did this song come together in the studio?

Preston: We did and redid and redid again. The current version is the culmination of a few different versions we’ve played with. It has taken some time, but we love the result and the parts really reflect the meaning behind the song.

Where did you get the name Dearling from?

James: Since the band is family we wanted something that reminded us of that. People used to call each other “dearling” instead of “darling.” It made a lot of sense to take that term of endearment and put it into the very essence of our brand.

Now, please, have a listen:

For more information on Dearling, check out: http://dearling.virb.com/

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