Exclusive: Matt Siffert Saves the Day With His New “Morning” Music Video

See the video premiere of the "Gallatin" song now!

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In July, New York-born singer/songwriter Matt Siffert released his brilliant new EP Gallatin. But — lucky for us! — he saved now to premiere the simple and beautiful music video for the Gallatin track “Morning.”

BlastEcho asked Siffert to fill us in about the inspiration for both the song and video (which you can hear and see below):

What is the story behind this song?

As I get older and my time becomes more and more precious, I’ve noticed that mornings are one of the few times where I consistently have an undistracted consciousness. This song is an ode to that moment.

Who directed this video?  Who came up with the idea for the video treatment?  Where was it filmed?

Dycee Wildman directed the video. Anna Lines starred in it and Brinn Daniels was the DP. It was filmed at my house in East Nashville. As I said earlier, the song is a tribute to personal clarity that comes in the morning. Since the narrator of the song is talking to “you,” the lyrical content suggests that there’s this clarity comes from being with another person. That it’s a love song, basically. Certainly that is one interpretation, but Dycee extracted another, which is that the song is an ode to the self. To one’s private connection to morning. I loved that interpretation and thought that taking the video in an unexpected direction brought another layer to where the song can go.

The overlapping images in this video are very compelling in the way that they seem to tell so many stories at once, while at the same time telling one person’s story. What was the intention with this video?  How do you think it works with the song?

I love that description. The idea of the video and, in particular, the animation, was to glorify the morning routine. To find beauty in a process that is mundane and mandatory but also unique to each individual who does it. It’s one of the few things everyone has to do. We all wake up. We all have to put on clothes (well, most of us). But how we do it and what it means to each of us varies.

For more on Matt Siffert, check out: www.mattsiffert.com


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