Exclusive: Premiere of the New Sammy Strittmatter track “We Are the Evening Tide”

The song will appear on the album "Get Out of the City," due out May 18



BlastEcho is proud — gushing, really — to premiere the new song “We Are the Evening Tide,” which appears on Sammy Strittmatter’s fourth album, Get Out of the City (out May 18). But, first here’s Strittmatter to tell us a little about the song:

“We Are the Evening Tide” is on one of the oldest songs on this album. I didn’t want to rush it, because I could see the story unfolding on its own time. I began writing and recording this song during the sessions of my last album, Here but Gone

This song has a few mixed story lines. It’s an observation on relationships surrounding me, and on my own personal relationships. At the time, I was reading “The Alchemist,” and I started to see parallels between friends and myself. The message was clear what I wanted to get across: stay on your path, trust your instinct, and don’t let anyone, or thing, stand in your way. When I sing, “We are the Evening Tide, reclaiming our old names,” it’s a reminder that things can get cloudy in our minds on a daily basis. It’s important to identify each cloud, keep things clear, and stay on the path. 

We were nearing the end of the sessions for Get Out of the City, and this was one of the last songs I brought to the table. I was afraid it was too country for this album, but it immediately struck a chord with Salim. We threw on a driving kick drum and the song took off. It was finished within a few hours. It was magical.

Let’s have a listen:

For more on Sammy Strittmatter, check out: www.sammystrittmatter.bandcamp.com

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