Exclusive: Singer/songwriter Greg Hawks Debuts the Title Track to His Forthcoming Album

Hear "I Think It's Time," due out October 12



Next month, North Carolina’s own Greg Hawks releases his latest solo album, I Think It’s Time, and to celebrate the event we’re proud to preview the title track from the follow-up to 2016’s From One to the Other Extreme, which is due out October 12.

We also got the opportunity to grill Hawks a bit about the new song:

What prompted you to write this song?  Was there a specific impetus?

I wanted to write a personal meditation—something that might inspire a feeling of inner quiet, calm, and reflection in the listener. This is almost a mantra, prayer, or plea, if you will, to stop and take a deep breath and be present in the here and now. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to check out, go away and be quiet with yourself for a while. I tried to envision places that have always inspired me to feel something greater than myself. My goal was to make the song to make you feel the way you do when you’re taking a walk in the woods, or standing on an empty beach, or sitting on your rooftop and listening to the wind. We spend so much of our lives either regretting something that has already happened or worrying about what the future holds. It’s something that I’ve struggled with a lot.

We’re living in an amazing age where technology is taking us places we never dreamed of. And while much of it is wonderful, it does come with a price sometimes. As technology advances at blinding speed, there’s more and more information flying in our face 24 hours a day. It’s all we can do to keep up with it all. It’s addictive and exhausting. That’s the way I feel a lot these days, so I hoped that this tune could help me to stop and change direction when it’s all too much.

One vision I kept having in the beginning while writing this song was that of a tethered hot air balloon. I kept thinking of that as a metaphor for the negative thoughts that keep us grounded in the limitations of our own conscious mind. The line “cut the ropes and leave behind” is about freeing oneself from those limitations. An invitation for us all to let go and fly away into a higher plane of existence.

Now, please, have a listen:

For more on Greg Hawks, check out: www.greghawksmusic.com

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