Exclusive: Society of Broken Souls Premiere of “Wings on a Prayer”

Stream the world premiere of the "Midnight and the Pale" song



On April 13, the self-dubbed folk-noir duo Dennis James and Lauryn Shapter will release its sophomore album, Midnight and the Pale, its follow-up to 2016’s Things Still Left Unsaid. BlastEcho is proud to premiere the album’s first single, “Wings on a Prayer,” which you can stream below.

But, first here’s James talking a bit about the story behind the song: “I think, at the subconscious level, I was writing about surrender as a personal narrative. There’d been this distant idea of what it means to surrender and that is acceptance. For me, personally, and for us as a band, we’d been doing this balancing act of hanging on to the security of a straight job while simultaneously being pulled deeper and deeper into music full time, which is an exciting but scary proposition at this stage of our lives. So there was a mix of surrendering to the dream of doing music full time and accepting the risks that accompany that decision. And the act of surrender also comes with a healthy dose of letting go. Letting go of what others will think of us for going for it. Letting go of that fear of judgment. Letting go of fear of judgment about the music. Letting go of all the other constructs that had been in the way. The song is written to someone and I suppose I was hiding behind that a little in that I was partially singing it to myself.”

Now let’s have a listen:

For more information on Society of Broken Souls, check out: https://www.societyofbrokensouls.com

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