Exclusive: Sweden’s Baronen & Satan Preview Eponymous Debut

Stream the first single "Elisa" and many others off "Satan Is a Lady"



Today (Halloween to be exact), the exciting new quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden, Baronen & Satan, release their Garagedeath (their word) new album called Satan Is a Lady. Don’t know what the hell (keeping with the Satan theme) Garagedeath means? Find out for yourself with this exclusive stream of Satan:


The album’s first single, “Elisa,” is about the death of 21-year-old Canadian student Elisa Lam, who died under mysterious circumstances in 2013. As the band tells it, “We love a mystery and decided to make a song about it. As she was last seen in a elevator, we decided to honor her in our own way by filming a video in a creepy run down elevator. The filming went creepier than we thought though. We hope that the ghost of Elisa Lam is proud.”

Here’s the “Elisa” video, too:




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