Exclusive: “The Making of” Ellen Starski’s New Album, “The Days When Peonies Prayed for the Ants”

Watch a four-plus minute mini-doc about the making of the singer/songwriter's solo debut



Usually (well, always) BlastEcho music premieres surround the release of a song or music video. This one, however, is even cooler, if we do say so ourselves. Here you get to watch a four-minute mini-documentary about the making of singer/songwriter Ellen Starski’s solo debut, The Days When Peonies Prayed for Ants. It’s pretty damn enjoyable, too.

But, first some words from Starski about the recording of the new album:

I’ve spent years exploring music with many hours spent in the studio, but it wasn’t until making this album that I understood the professionalism it takes to elevate a CD. Working with Anne McCue and Nashville’s top musicians was a dream come true. The amount of work, and love, Anne showered on these songs has her on my daily gratitude list. Joe McMahan’s Wow and Flutter studio was also a highlight, and the perfect place to bring these works to life.
I personally love the shots of all of us gathered in one room going over the songs prior to everyone setting up in their individual spaces to record the final takes.  There was a true connection between all of the musicians, as if we’ve met before. Everyone was relaxed and understood the common goals.  It’s my belief that this documentary will only become more precious to me as the years pass. 

Have a look for yourself:

For more on Ellen Starski, check out: http://www.ellenstarski.com

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