For Those About to Write Another “Rock” Song, We Salute You

AC/DC have a lot a songs about "'rock." It says so right in their titles.


Just 4% of all AC/DC songs have the word “love” in their title and even less, believe it or not, have “hell” (2%). “Rock,” however, is whole other ballgame. Hell–so to speak–there are four alone on their latest album, 2014’s Rock or Bust (yes, including the title track).

Here’s a quick look at what percentage of the 179 original AC/DC songs contain the same variation of “rock” in their song title:


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  1. Mark Alan Civiello

    March 21, 2016 at 3:43 am

    I have dreamed of being the front
    Man for ac\dc since I was 9 years old
    I even formed a tribute band at 22 . we played off n on for 20 years ….ac/DC is the only band I listen to…from 8 tracks to albums cassettes n cds….any song I can sing it…like Bon or Brian…just like the original recordings…its like 2nd nature now after years of devotion in the band… I would love to try out for AC/DC. They could pick almost any song for me and I could nail it..after a few warm up songs…I always started the night with Live Wire to ease in on my was also the name of our band.
    Even today I sang along with all of Johnsons albums to see if I still had a good raspy voice…sounded good to me…(I was painting a few rooms in my home at the time). I have listened to every album
    a thousand times,even the new one.
    I will be 45 on march 31….I have sung
    Their songs for ever I know them all.
    Even songs most fans never even heard, like Stick Around , carry me home, soul stripper,or cold hearted man and Border line and Snake eyes…I like every song by Young,Young,Scott,/ & Johnson.
    My friend Jan , a drummer, told me once that his family lived next door to Cliff Williams in Florida, course that was years ago.
    Over the years I have performed with a lot of tribute bands even cover bands.
    They would see me in the crowd and invite me up on stage as a guest singer for a song or two
    People call me things like Mr AC/DC or Bon, or Live Wire. In my band, we played 40 to 45 songs a night, 30 or more of Bon’s songs, I never wanted the night to end , even though I was a little hoarse from all the Johnson tunes in the third set, I even changed my outfit to look like Brian after being Bon for the first and second sets…..I’d get excited hours before every show. I would sing every song if I could, every night I got on stage.
    My one true wish has always been to play AC/DC…my one candle wish this year would be to play WITH AC/DC…even if my chance was a bust, to meet the band would be a thrill to last the rest of my life.
    I was a fan for Yeats before I learned that Angus and I shared the same birthday , I thought how ironic. My favorite guitarist of my favorite band born on the same day, cool!!!
    To be truely honest, I have always Hoped in someway Brian would leave the band so maybe I could audition to be the next one in the lineup…I was 9 when Bon passed…and I have liked Brian all this time too, hope its not to late to fill their shoes.. Just to have one chance to play with the band.. its all I’ve thought about since hearing the news. Waiting for my phone to ring with butterfly’s in my stomaxh, my wife thinks I’m nuts, she says, really! You!! The next AC/DC singer, that’ll be the day!…I would love to make her eat those words.

    Mark Alan Civiello
    118 Grant Street
    Dennison, OH 44621

    1-330-340-7082 cell
    1-740-922-1926 work
    1-330 365-0003 wife

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