Geoff Tate on a Potential Reunion with Queensryche: “Never Say Never”

In this BlastEcho exclusive, Tate discusses the possibility of returning to Queensryche



Geoff Tate’s split with Queensyrche in 2012 was so acrimonious that it dragged on in courts for several years — Tate, as the band’s principal songwriter, believing he should own the Queensryche moniker. In the end, only Tate’s bandmates were allowed to record and perform under the Queensryche banner and Tate as Operation: Mindcrime — also the name of Queensryche’s 1988’s concept album.

Earlier this year, Operation: Mindcrime released Resurrection, their second album in two years; the band is currently on tour in Europe but will return to the States in January to support it. In between dates, BlastEcho got an opportunity to play Rockers’ Block with Tate (coming soon!) and also ask him about he possibility of reuniting with his Queensyrche bandmates. Listen to what he had to say:



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  1. serloren

    April 7, 2017 at 11:11 am

    “…the band’s principal songwriter…”

    On what planet? Perhaps on the last few pieces of crap QR put out with Tate in the band that no one bought or gives a flip about; BUT, historically the “principal” songwriting was DeGarmo/Wilton/Tate.

    I don’t think either version ought to call itself Queensryche, and I’d much rather see DeGarmo and Wilton team up again, than any other QR-iteration folks can concoct.

    Hell, I’d buy a DeGarmo/Wilton project album in a heartbeat, but I’m not wasting money or time on the rest of it anymore – especially that megalomaniacal arsehat Tate.

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