“Incredibly Unlikely” Mr. Mister Will Ever Reunite, According to Former Drummer

The two-hit wonders came very close to a reformation five years ago, but it quickly fell apart

Mr. Mister (2010)

Mr. Mister (November 2010)

Two songs are indelible and so, quite frankly, is the band name, which makes it almost seem like Mr. Mister still exist exist (yes, that was intentional). Alas, the ‘80s pop band—which featured Richard Page (vocals/bass), Steve George (guitar), Steve Farris (guitar) and Pat Mastelotto (drums)—disbanded a quarter-century ago. Save for the release of Pull, an album the band originally recorded around their dissolution but wasn’t released until 20 years later, there’s been no news on the Mr. Mister front since 1990.

According to Mastelotto, Mr. Mister has seriously considered reforming several times in the past, including as recently as five years ago, but for one reason or another it never came to fruition. The tour five years ago—which would have co-billed Mr. Mister with Tears for Fears and Level 42—was in discussions until Page got a call from Ringo Starr to tour as part of His All Starr Band, which abruptly changed those plans.

With His All Starr Band, Page sings lead on several songs, including Mr. Mister’s biggest hits, the 1985 Billboard chart-toppers “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings.” “It’s a cushy gig for Rich,” jokes Mastelotto.

Today Mastelotto believes it’s “incredibly unlikely” that Mr. Mister will ever reunite. “We’re all busy with other things,” he says. “Moving ahead.”

Mastelotto certainly isn’t waiting by the phone. He already has the entirety of his 2016 calendar booked, including gigs with King Crimson, O.R.k., KoMaRa and Stick Men, the outfit featuring fellow King Crimson member Tony Levin and Markus Reuter. Stick Men will begin a U.S. tour on April 13 in New Hope, PA.

That said, Mastelotto said he “happy to work with [the guys in Mr. Mister] if they ever want to” before conceding “we’ve all spun off in different directions.”

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