Jeff Plankenhorn Summons This Sam Roberts Tune As His Fave You’ve Never Heard

The Plank traipses the "Bridge to Nowhere" now and again -- and again

Jeff Plankenhorn Lo-Res with the Plank - Jim Chapin


Soul singer/songwriter Jeff Plankenhorn tells BlastEcho his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Bridge to Nowhere” by Sam Roberts

Really anything by Canadian artist Sam Roberts, but this one in particular. My wife is Canadian, from Vancouver Island, to be precise. The first song she ever played for me by Sam Roberts was “Bridge to Nowhere” off of the album, Chemical City, and I could not believe this guy wasn’t huge in the States. He had everything Ryan Adams had in multiple albums and could sell out venues and headline festivals but in the States, he was relatively unknown.

I have since become a lifetime fan, and even cover “Bridge to Nowhere”  once in a while in my own ‘Soulslide’ kind of style.

Maybe Sam never needed to be big in the U.S. because he is so loved in Canada, maybe we just never got hip to him, but he’s my favorite artist you’ve never heard.

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