John Oates Is Forced to (Try to) Remember Some Hall & Oates Oldies

The singer is out of touch on most, but nails the oldest song on the agenda


Some music artists have released literally hundreds of songs over the years, to say nothing of the ones deemed too shitty to release. BlastEcho wondered if those involved in recording so many songs could remember them all. Enter Rockers’ Block.

For each Rockers’ Block contestant, we play five random songs from their catalog, each song from the beginning, to see how long it takes for them to guess (well, maybe guess isn’t the right word) the correct song. Then once they do (hopefully), they talk a bit about the song.

There’s a very good reason why John Oates is ambivalent about the prospect of he and his white-soul brother Daryl Hall recording new music. “Daryl and I have made so much music over the years that we don’t even get a chance to play the music we’ve recorded and written,” he says, “because we have this incredibly good problem that we have a lot of hits. And people come to play those hits and we play them and we’re proud of them.”

Expect to hear copious hits when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tandem take to the sheds this summer for a 21-city tour that begins in Dallas on May 13 and wraps up on September 23 in Las Vegas. What you likely won’t hear are any of the songs BlastEcho plays for Oates as part of our first-ever audio Rockers’ Block, where you’ll get to hear his reaction to the songs he simply can’t remember (well, one of them he does). For copyright reasons, you won’t hear the songs during the game, but we’ve provided links to the actual songs so you can play along.

Buckle up!

Song #1:

Song #2:

Song #3:

Song #4:

Song #5:

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