Kitten Forever Come to a Consensus on Their Favorite Song You’ve Never Heard

The all-trio goes with an unreleased track that was inspired by Kitten Forever


Photo credit: Alex Uhrich

Kitten Forever (the whole band!) tells BlastEcho about their favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Snowball” by Royal Brat

Our new favorite Minneapolis band is feminist queer core babes Royal Brat. They have one tape released on local label No Problem records, who previously released a split cassingle for Kitten Forever with the Clara Salyer-fronted band Whatever Forever. So here’s where we delve into the deeply intertwining connections of Minneapolis music. Royal Brat is fronted by Alex Uhrich, who co runs No Problem. Clara Salyer, from Whatever Forever, is the guitarist for Royal Brat. She is also the bassist for Babes in Toyland, who we toured with last fall. We have attached a family tree for better visual understanding:

kitten family tree

“Snowball” is a new track that is currently unreleased. This video was shot at a local record store called Dead Media on Valentine’s Day 2016. Alex told us before they started playing this song he had written a “Kitten Forever-inspired song,” which we couldn’t be more flattered by. Along with the new additions of bassist Shannon Boeir and drag artist Gay Henry on drums, these Brats are our favorite new band to come out of Minneapolis in a long time.

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