Listen to an Exclusive Preview of JD Eicher’s “Not Everybody Runs”

The song will appear on "The Middle Distance," due out May 6


Photo credit: David Bean

On May 6, singer/songwriter JD Eicher will release The Middle Distance, his first solo album since 2013’s Into Place. Here now is an exclusive track from that album, “Not Everybody Runs,” along with some words from Eicher about the song’s fruition:

Life throws us into some tough situations. Duh. “Not Everybody Runs” is several “snapshots” of people who have found themselves in difficult situations and have made the difficult choice. I think these choices stretch beyond simple right and wrong, and I think the choices made reflect a unique bravery in each individual. The song was an exercise in creating scenes outside of my own experience. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid these particular situations, thus far. We all have our consequences to face, our choices to make. When those moments come for me, I hope that I am able to join the strong among us who refuse to run.

I recorded “Not Everybody Runs” in my basement with very limited gear, and I loved the intimacy and solitude of recording the new album this way. It really allowed me to live inside the songs and create recordings that very closely resembled the music I heard in my head. I also found myself banging that same head against the wall sometimes while I figured out what the hell I was doing.

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