Marky Mark or no Marky Mark, the Funky Bunch Funk On

Of course, if the A-list actor/producer calls, Hector the Booty Inspector and DJ-T will listen


So many years have passed since Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch were a thing that it’s almost hard to believe it ever was. Rarely now is Mark Wahlberg ever referenced as “Marky Mark,” having shed his fledging rap-and-underwear-modeling career decades ago to become a who-would-have-guessed-back-then Hollywood heavyweight. But members of the Funky Bunch persevere, and two in particular Hector Barros (aka Hector the Body Inspector) and Terry Yancey (DJ-T), would certainly welcome Marky Mark back to the Bunch with open arms.

“As far as me and Terry are concerned,” says Barros, “it’s always on the table for us. If something comes up, we’re willing to do it.”

The duo still perform as the Funky Bunch on occasion, and fill the Marky Mark void by trading verses on songs from both of the group’s albums, 1991’s Music for the People and 1992’s You Gotta Believe. “We’re always willing to jump back in and jump back out,” Yancey says of performing as the Funky Bunch. (The other members of the Funky Bunch, Scottie Gee and Ashley Ace, are not involved).

Of course, the only reason why anyone still remembers the group is the chart-topping hit “Good Vibrations,” their solitary hit that borrows heavily from Loleatta Holloway’s “Love Sensation.” That and Marky Mark never wore a shirt.

Today Barros and Yancey still leave in Massachusetts—Wahlberg’s home state—and work mostly developing new artists, such as Young RealLoud and Toronto area singer/songwriter FoXx Williams. Yancey also wants to pitch a reality show to Wahlberg about what the Funky Bunch is up to these days, but hasn’t had the chance.

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