Martha’s Trouble Certainly Isn’t This Song

Rob Slocumb reveals the "One Hit" that was never was one



Martha’s Trouble’s Rob Slocumb tells BlastEcho about his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“One Hit” by Naked Blue

This song is from a band called Naked Blue. We’ve done a few shows with them in the past and respect them so much as writers and performers. They are also a husband/wife duo which makes us love and appreciate them all the more. Their song “One Hit” is such a great song. The guitar part is very simple but catchy and the arrangement is so tasteful. They don’t overdo it with tons of production, but keep it very raw and open. It’s airy, it’s dreamy, and the vocal just shines. Love the chorus line, “Life is one hit, and one hundred misses.” Isn’t that the truth…

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