“Once Upon a Time,” Nina June Told Us About Her Favorite Song You’ve Never Heard

Check out this underground nugget from the Dutch duo To Twelve



Dutch singer/guitarst Nina June tells BlastEcho her favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Once Upon a Time” by To Twelve

To Twelve is a duo from the Netherlands: a boy and a girl who sing, write, produce and travel together. They post the most beautiful pictures from their busking journeys in Europe together, driving around in their campervan. I love their analog pictures, hippie-style artwork and their sincere personalities. Once Upon A Time is their latest release; it’s the first of a four-song EP that they made as a soundtrack for a short film. They sound a bit like Isbells… Although they have a lot of fans on Facebook and Instagram–and the fans who saw them perform live on the streets of San Sebastian and other beautiful places. I think they deserve a lot more listeners on Spotify, because their songs and harmonies are just gorgeous. I’m always looking forward to that time of the year they step into “Bobby,” their campervan, again, so that I can travel along a bit and dream away seeing their pictures. I wish these two all the luck and listeners in the world. 

Also, check out the music video for “When We Fall,” from Nina June’s debut album, Bon Voyage, here:

For more information about Nina June, check out: www.ninajune.com

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