Operation: Mindcrime’s Geoff Tate Takes Hold of the Game

The ex-Queensrÿche frontman is confronted with his past on Rockers' Block


Some music artists have released literally hundreds of songs over the years, to say nothing of the ones deemed too garbage-y to release. BlastEcho wondered if those involved in recording so many songs could remember them all. Enter Rockers’ Block.

For each Rockers’ Block contestant, we play five random songs from their catalog each song from the beginning to see how long it takes for them to guess (well, maybe guess isn’t the right word) the correct song. Then once they do (hopefully), they talk a bit about the song.

Geoff Tate hasn’t been a member of Queensrÿche for five years, but — for most –he’ll always be the band’s undisputed voice (no offense, Todd La Torre). It just so happens that Tate sang lead on every Queensrÿche song we challenged him with on this edition of Rockers’ Block, including a couple that go back more than 30 years (just wow).

Now a member of Operation: Mindcrime, Tate still performs plenty of Queensrÿche material live, plus stuff from Operation: Mindcrime’s two albums, The Key and Resurrection. But giving him songs from those albums would have been too easy, so we started this game with one from 1986’s Rage for Order. That’s just how we roll.

Hush now, don’t you cry…

P.S. The full songs are below, if you think you can do better than Tate did…

Song #1:

Song #2:

Song #3:

Song #4:

Song #5:

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  1. Alicia Nix

    September 30, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Geoff i like this picture of you without all the scruffy facial hair, just saying, and it’s my opinion!

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