Ozzy Osbourne and KISS Are Still Rolling Even If Their Studio Output Has Slowed

Let's compare the studio output of the Chicago Open Air Festival's two biggest headliners



In honor of the Chicago Open Air festival — which takes place July 14-16 at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL — we put together a chart that compares the studio-album output of the fest’s two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Ozzy Osbourne and KISS (yes, we know Ozzy is only in as part of Sabbath, so save your hate mail). KISS will headline the fest on July 14 and Ozzy will close the event two nights later.

In an effort to avoid more hate mail, we included all of Ozzy’s solo albums (including 2005’s all covers album Under Cover, which you may not have known existed) and all the studio albums he made with Black Sabbath. We also decided not to included the four KISS solo albums from 1978. Why? Because.

Oh, and Ozzy and KISS aren’t the only bands performing at the fest; other luminaries include Korn, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Stone Sour and Slayer.

Now, take a look… it’s quick:

ozzy vs kiss





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