Sekai No Owari’s DJ Love Spreads the Love for This Nujabes Beaut

"Letter From Yokosuka" is his favorite song you've never heard



Sekai No Owari’s DJ Love tells BlastEcho his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Letter From Yokosuka” by Nujabes

“Letter From Yokosuka” is a track from album Metaphorical Music by one of my favorite artists, Nujabes. His music is filled with beauty and the beats are comforting. Every track by Nujabes has a wistful sense, especially this one. Even though it doesn’t have lyrics, it expresses nihilism and pathos through its sound. Unfortunately, we cannot anticipate new tracks from Nujabes as he has left this world, but this will always be my favorite song that most have probably never heard.

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