Seldom Singer Mitch Atkinson Won’t “Sleep” on This Favorite Song You’ve Never Heard

You may remember "The Black Parade" but likely not this deep-album cut



Seldom singer Mitch Atkinson tells BlastEcho his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Sleep” by My Chemical Romance

I’m a sucker for emotionally charged song — the kind of songs that you can’t resist belting along with as the music crescendos into chaos. That visceral effect is the first thing I noticed, and that has really stuck with me, when I listened to “Sleep” by My Chemical Romance for the first time back when The Black Parade was released. Most songs I can usually point to a single part of it, like a riff or breakdown or a vocal melody, and say this is why I love it…but with “Sleep,” I struggle because from start to finish, the song is just perfect to me. It sounds full and big, even in it’s “softer” spots, and Gerard Way’s vocals really help carry that emotion and angst all the way through. By the time I’m at the end of the song, I’m singing/screaming it out with the track at full volume — and probably alarming people in passing cars if I’m on the highway. It’s a tremendous track, and one that has a spot on any playlist I put together.

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