Ten Years Ago, the Foo Fighters Put This Nirvana Song in Their Regular Set List

"Marigold," the only Nirvana track sung by Foos leader Dave Grohl, was later included on the live album "Skin and Bones"



Seeing the Foo Fighters perform Nirvana songs would be sort of ridiculous, seeing how Dave Grohl wrote virtually none of the Nirvana songs and didn’t sing lead on any of them. Well, except for one: “Marigold,” originally released in 1993 as a B-Side to the first In Utero single “Heart Shaped Box,” was both written and sung by the then Nirvana drummer but was never performed live during Nirvana’s brief tenure.

The song got an afterlife of sorts a couple years after Kurt Cobain passed away as alt-rock radio stations grew weary of playing tracks from the Foos’ eponymous debut, and rediscovered this somber ballad that Grohl had actually first released under the pseudonym Late! in 1992. To his credit, Grohl didn’t immediately exploit the song’s macabre-tinged newfound popularity; in fact, it wasn’t performed live until October 26, 1997, and then rarely again until 2006. It was then that “Marigold” became a mainstay in the Foo Fighters’ set and it was even included as part of the group’s only live album, 2006’s Skin and Bones. Later the song was included on 2004’s posthumous Nirvana box set With the Lights Out.

Now with eight full-length albums to their credit, the song has had a hard time cracking Foos set lists, and hasn’t been performed live since 2010. That said, for many, it’ll always be seen as the musical conduit between Nirvana and the arguably more successful offshoot, Foo Fighters.

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