Thanks to Adele, the Name “Adele” Sure Is Popular

There were more than five times as many "Adele" babies in 2012 than in 2006, when no one knew who the singer was

Adele has sold nearly 60 million albums worldwide. To put that in perspective, if for some reason you decided to count to 60 million (and we can’t condone such behavior) it would take you more than two years if you added the word “Mississippi” between numbers and you didn’t die of dehydration first. So, in other words, it’s a lot.

We also couldn’t help but notice there seem to be a lot more American infants and toddlers named “Adele” nowadays when, previous to her 2008 debut, 19, there weren’t all that many.

The most “Adele” babies were born right as her sophomore record, 21, was exploding, but the name started to gather dust as the world waited for 25. Now that it’s out, we expect, once again, for the name “Adele” to spike in popularity, although the name numbers for 2015 haven’t yet been revealed yet, so we’ll just have to wait the same way Adele makes us wait for new music.

Here now is a chart that shows how many “Adele” babies were born the two years before Adele’s debut was released up until the year before 25 was. Enjoy!


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