The Buggles Consider Gigs, Record New Music For the First Time in 35 Years

Geoff Downes was recently in the studio with Buggles co-founder Trevor Horn


Few bands are more synonymous with MTV than The Buggles. Correction: The Buggles were really just a music project helmed by producer extraordinaire/multi-instrumentalist Trevor Horn and occasional Yes keyboardist/future Asia member Geoff Downes that, on rare occasions, took on the properties of a band. Their debut single “Video Killed the Radio Star,” of course, forecast the demise of terrestrial radio and was appropriately the first song ever played on the then all-music-video network.

The Buggles released but two albums in consecutive years—1980’s The Age of Plastic and 1981’s Adventures in Modern Recording—before Horn and Downes moved on, occasionally re-teaming as part of many Yes iterations.

They played their first full concert in 2010—30 years after they formed—and have only performed once since. Today, Downes, however, leaves the door open for not only more Buggles performances, but new music, too.

“We’re looking at releasing some of the old Buggles stuff at some point and we [he and Horn] worked on another couple songs fairly recently,” he says. “There’s the option of maybe putting some more stuff out.”

Downes adds, “you never know, next year we might do some gigs. We’ll take it as it comes, really.”

In addition to the possibility of new Buggles material, Downes—currently a full-timer in Yes—recently worked with fellow Asia member John Wetton on new songs, with an eye toward September/October to begin recording Asia’s first new album since 2014’s Gravitas.

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