There’s No Way You’ve Heard This Favorite Song by Grayshot (Don’t Lie)

The brother duo tells about this obscure track from Halloween, Alaska (No, We Didn't Make That Up)



Grayshot’s Christian and Aaron Ankrum tell BlastEcho about their favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Drowned” by Halloween, Alaska

Christian: We batted around a few ideas when asked the question. A few artists came to mind: Magnet, The Blue Nile, and a couple of others. Then we landed on a band we grew up listening to in Minneapolis called Halloween, Alaska.

Aaron: I know these guys have a strong cult following, but more people need to know about them so we chose the song “Drowned” from their second album [2005’s Too Tall to Hide].

Christian: It has this great drone groove and when it finally breaks open, James Diers hits with this raw, soaring chorus vocal. As soon as I turn it on the song pulls me in and all the way through to the end of the song where they sing ‘Hope won’t weigh you down.'”

Aaron: The tension and release is incredible, these guys just have a way of finding that emotive something and communicating it really powerfully.

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