Tony Lucca Harkens Back 40 Years to Exhume This Joni Mitchell Title Track

You may remember the album, but Lucca definitely remembers the song.



Tony Lucca tells BlastEcho about his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Hejira” by Joni Mitchell

“Hejira” is the title track of Joni’s 1976 [album]. The word “hejira” is an Arabic word meaning emigration or journey, which in essence is what Joni was on when she wrote the songs for the record. It’s about observing the world through the eyes of a solitary traveler, something I’ve always been able to relate to. It also features the late great Jaco Pastorius on bass. I find the entire album to be almost hypnotic. Definitely in my desert island top-5 albums.

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