Warrant’s Joey Allen Talks New Music, Calls Cover of Jani Lane’s Posthumous Album “Tasteless”

The guitarist says the band has nine songs demoed and 20 more in the mix for its first album since 2011


The last time Warrant released a new album original frontman Jani Lane was still alive. Lane, of course, wasn’t with the band at the time, having left the band for the third time three years earlier. Still, it’s hard to think of Warrant without Lane just as it’s hard to think of a certain dessert without Warrant.

“The guy was a great writer and a good friend,” says Warrant guitarist Joey Allen. “There was a love/hate relationship with him, just a brother. Most of the time you love him, some of the time you hate him, but you never don’t care about him.”

Speaking of which, Allen couldn’t help but notice Lane’s new posthumous album, Catch a Falling Star—which includes covers of songs by the likes of Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and UFO—features the glammed-out Lane on the cover with his finger to his temple. While Lane died of alcohol poisoning, not suicide, Allen still finds the cover “kind of tasteless.”


“I don’t know if anyone got that out of the picture,” Allen says, “but to me it was a little tasteless.” He then adds: “I hope that that’s benefiting his two children and his children. If his legacy goes on that way, it isn’t any different than playing the songs he penned live every night.”

Warrant hopes to add new songs to its repertoire soon; Allen says the band intends to enter a recording studio in the fall (possibly in Nashville or Los Angeles) to begin its follow up to 2011’s Rockaholic. Right now the band has nine new songs fully demoed and another 20 ideas “floating around,” he says.

“We’ll put music out on the web for everyone to listen to and get inspired by it,” Allen says. “If it turns into a song, great. If not, next.”

Despite the fact that most of Warrant’s set list consists of songs from their first two albums, 1989’s Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich and 1990’s Cherry Pie, Allen says it’s still essential Warrant make new music “because,” he says, “that’s what musicians do.” Warrant will be playing about 50 spot dates throughout the year, including as part of the Monsters of Rock cruise in October.



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