What Perfectly Sad Song Fuels Kyle Cox’s Fire?

The singer-songwriter chooses a real heartbreaker



Kyle Cox tells BlastEcho about his favorite song you’ve never heard:

“Fuel For Fire” by M. Ward

I’ve been a huge fan of M. Ward for quite some time, but there was a period in the early 2000s that I was completely obsessed with him. I just couldn’t get enough. His voice is so unique, rich, and smokey. I specifically always pay attention to lyrics when I listen to songs, and there is never any cheapening of words when it comes to his songs.

“Fuel for Fire” has always been a huge favorite of his for me. Such a sad, lonely song lyric with very understated production. I love when the piano comes in on the instrumental bridge along with the vocal harmonies. It’ll just break your heart. Then immediately it goes into next verse with the old string-sounding mellotron. It’s beautiful. A perfectly sad and lonely song in my opinion.

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